About us

Geolokit 1.0 is a project of Antoine Triantafyllou, Arnaud Watlet and Christophe Bastin. It is in constant need of development to improve the experience of visualizing geo-data. Feel free to send us your comments, ideas or improvements.

Antoine Triantafyllou got his PhD in geodynamics together at University of Mons and University of Nantes. Fed up with importing separately all his data and drawings made on the field into Google Earth or a GIS software, he had the idea to put everything in one single toolbox. He wanted to bring quickly his field observation, through their visualization, to the next level: the interpretation. Then, together with Arnaud Watlet (PhD candidate in geophysics at University of Mons & Royal Observatory of Belgium) and Christophe Bastin (IT professional at University of Mons), they started developing Geolokit in October 2015. After 8 month of hard (night) work, they come up with the beta version of Geolokit 1.0 in June 2016.