Please find below the binaries of Geolokit 1.0 (beta) working for Windows 10 (64-bits) and Windows 7 (64-bits).

As mentionned, this is a beta version. We are waiting for your feedbacks to improve the software and release a stable version during the Summer.

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If you encouter any problem with the download, let’s try via this mirror on MEGA.

Then, simply unzip the archive and double click on the exe file. We have been notified that the exe file can be blocked by some antivirus. If so, you will need to add Geolokit directory to your antivirus exclusions list. Here is a tutorial for Avast.

Please note that Geolokit is only working with PC’s that have Visual Basic 2013 or 2015 installed and are up-to-date regarding the Windows Updates. We are currently looking to build a version compatible with a larger range of configurations.